blank canvas, empty heart

I seem to do better writing the words than so speaking them. But if I were a pleasantry found in a shoe box, I’d unearth the entirety of harking with no absentia as no rebel yell would find herself abandoned. And its this abandonment that my heart doesn’t want to see.
Its so far all good news
You get by on bus lines, railways and foot.
The digested sickness pounding the door
Thick in thought, free of sensation
Omitted care
So then the valve turns when he wishes she were his
Brainwave is not combustible
Something had the nerve

Aroma of care
Back to good air
Attempted rearrangement
Denied alignment
Sense enough is pure solitude, again these axioms fear turquois. Modeled after clientele factions.
Alone without action.

Digging out, free willed
No context, no clarity
Puzzled, distorted, fixated.
Mucus in my brain enables these transactions.
Peril is protection.

Complex Year

Feel me drop here

let me walk along this discord

In the prowess of hurdles and find forth

a blind deer, a copper wire.

Brave people in a shallow blossoming, do like old ways and admin of cooling.  Something at last, a bit here and there at last.  As a sarcasm note, but not eschewed.  Council, cornered.  Residing there in a hollow thirst frame, but to be put on a ligament of spur and populace.  Pop for the regional, timely folk.  We arrive by the time the show has ended but work out the contents of our summation in years and fronts.  People with dash piers and collective progressionism, we work at the center of a living molecule for truth.  Then, as truthful as they are sometimes, not much gets by.  Without feeling as crust, the city as grueling and lonesome.  Many female have asked about that cauldrephobic in the bathroom.  I think he shot himself.  Doesn’t work like that (they told me).  He’s blackened on only one wrist left.

Frame needs a person to fit into.  But people bathe in the office of doom every day.  If the costume of God was a pre-arranged selective, God would be nourished.  Climb.  See for yourself.  Each dozen needs a socket.  For Christ’s veil we’ll have the sweat of each working girl.  Monologues of darkened etymology and scattered thought.  Where do the bugs in our coffee go when we don’t drink from it?  Defined by cosmology, she suits the thinking of his estrangement.  She will have a few drinks with him.  All is old, maybe new.  I can’t tell if the intention of a method is to divert or describe.  Those that can say they’ve learned a lot, practice me in silence.  Fear of the  entrance, fear of it all, love as a message.  Perhaps, the intricacy of this arrangement isn’t because of it’s purpose but it’s elation.  More than Mr. no age.  After the arrangement, amazement.

So, do not doubt.  Doubt could be better left un-utilized as it’s experience does not expose the feeling of elation.

acclimations of free form

one. Empty contents of head

two. Breathe in and out.

three. Music break

all through these energy is repeated, which I’ve done.

four. Punctuate self as the confidante of hearts peddled, shores intertwined, oblivious to nothing.

four familiar places out of reach.

Second revision

one. Correct whatever defusing

two. Be availed for neurosis involving formulated ideas

as these proceed, mother of all faith will allow for reverse automation

the third is emptiness

prompting an ascension

vitriol electromagnetism orchestrates a current of loneliness, the shutter closes. On the brink of end, the family weeps for no other reason than to thank the highest mighty order. The conjure house lit by phases in the self, correct in its own way. Some ancients claim this is the desertion of local rules. The ominous redeemer now piles on the soft burden, anchoring drops of talent along the way.

several days of obsolete river water left the town fading into the background of a colorless room. Dead piers call out the calm effect before running the cemetary volume. Cause of one of the most quietest functions of an established visual.