fix it

Visually, I’ve got the notion to feel better than this. All eyes are on the field of work, varied misjudgment. At times, the work we do is summed by texture. Videotape and fantasy. Sermon and reality. A play with loyalty that isn’t nice.
Actually, it’s dinner time
Nevermind the words.


existing entry

She’s nice
Still the pleasure’s all mine
Fine if you wanna drool over the attitude. The problem with governments is
The lobotomy of lies
And im talkin to you
Good, give me what he has
No more women of faith
This anarchy hurts
Oh cry me a story.
Shovel in another mouthful
Wave another sentiment by
Justify the one you already had
Keep pushing us away
Frank….with disdain
Animal peace for your sustainance
Another talking animal
I love you but ivdont covet
The blanket

variety with blog and music

I feel it most concerns me to think of a fire where there are no ghosts to let us in. Where ever there had been a crowded faint, there’s where the figment gets away. I could go on about how another’s dream is not my dream and infact there is a catalyst to the stereotypical portion of the joke.
A girl pulls the covers over her head as an exacto knife replicates the cry of her feelingness. It’s a coil of ranting. This is my world, yet the property of existance shelves itself at times. Just like it did so tonight.

the entirety with which no one can understand the transformation from vigilante to despaired is the hope ofvsomeone else’s world.

Yes, but I knocked it down.

And that’s why she’s after you

Could that be so?

I can’t tell.

In this education of sweet holidays, as my body sends it’s skin into your empty body.  I rhetort the same line from the end of  a happy baby.  Says me, the social things thatyou say are so possitive.   We can help remembering the way we used to feel, action in service to the pentagram.  But now. We end a relationship that was so important.