Quick, with hands

Quick, you’ll need your hands
Yes they are floating, dream by dream
Massive splash in the sphere of melancholy
Over drawn funds that can’t fill us forever
Poor souls are walking with realizations so full
But to carry it around like gossip
And the cure is harrowing.

Neither the man or the thinker try to stop the action from actually happening
Music to the funny ears of a man
Did this turn?
Can’t say.
May be locked.
Try key.
There, open.

New voice for friendly types.
Probably talk about Jesus with something to see.
Might not be bad.


only intake

Been caught between the defense module, waiting for a number. Seems I’m truly indifferent to all that has allowed. A discourse on modern obedience; will allow the sacred definition of success.
Peel back rhythmic scars, feed the summons with vast illusion. Felt I was afraid of death once, quite a contradiction and I know I’ve thought.
The excuse comes from miles of face burning
Converted into learning
Never lean on this side of the fence, we’re watching.
I begin to hide, my soul is in its prime.
Who does it look for?
Perhaps a way out

a lot of time for crucifixion recipe

Danced in the integral sum of astral belongings. It hates to be benign against this parasitic hell, are you spaced? Who enters there? Fictional pheromone or cosmetic depletion. They always said it would never happen. Better than a reading advantage of split second chaos in a chimpanzee neutrality.

the order you prescribe is the avalanche I eat. Hormones be hormones, but filth is disease. May I have a dosage date of homo synergistic combine. How you collaborate well. Optimize the sanction. Futile neurosis. Kill the same thing.

earth, comradery or entrance denial

We hear on the other end a leverage of sympathetic murmur. The whistles blow as if some time limit were met. We ask the things that life cannot tell but offers in thought. Is that thought the congregation of the immunity to our place on an Earth? Do we pretend to know when we have given a seat of chance? 

Music that can carry affects the circumstance at the worst pale of black. Our institutions are claiming that brevity has begun to let us look into the human consciousness like a light of impossible magnetism. She has already begun to feed her wires into God of leper grotesquely feeding her regret. But I told you so, stay with it.

In hours, one instance of decrying self over other has gotten the scare of the pants worn by a fickle parent. Light is drawn on the scathing of a hand who prays light will dawn for the dawned. let logic take a stand at the door while variance kept quiet. Belief can go on as far as one who endures the cripplingaftermath..

and it still can be seen


He’s got good intention, save for his pragmatic loyalty to the foreign fading weather pool that lurks behind. He’s ready to crush some colonial path, temperament of sweet rosy wine.

“why can’t we all be friends?”, he shares as if sweet mucus blood stains are the corpse from which new beginnings happen. All the primates…and the elicit speak softly to one other deaf appearance a mortal body can’t save.

and this is quick. And this is to reprieve. Safe from extinguished fire, flame upon that holy body. For all those that cut their throats, because injury was a sweaty thing. Capital mirror management, borrowed template of small little crying babies.

this purges no man except for ignorant man. Will there be tolerance?