pretend a picture

once held, once earned. As the calm of your trip gets astonishing, I enable myself to feel you. Where were those moments of miracle? Space in time deaf as a blanket. Make you my ultimatum. Grow old with you.

See the sun as not as bright. Light a rod of fire, turn in this poorly written paper. From where I’m concerned, the mouse looks to be caught in caution. It’s a dark role of escapism, however it is clear the physique of action can’t promise shape and your morals are of rust.

Float by, i turn. Want no headache. She’s the border of glance. So I hope to state the obvious. But the well has shaken these pins away. Once thought, God would make it swift. Can you help with distraction?

Once abrupt, once courageous. That’s not the point. The clear is abstract.


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