razor bites into teeth. Skin of menial wonder. She’s got an edge on the disclosure of her hidden self. Who she chooses to be, all in the correct dysfunction the doctor told her to enslave. How does one get passed?  surely the continuum of lesser functions will be brought down from the shelf. Her book is one she can relate to.

sickness in its own discretion. Peril without reference to toward thinking. Just in the celebration of mass liberty through corresponding telepathy. This woman will dance in the light of self expression as she out wits the desires of compressed facets of previous context.

How have we given our effort to the mind of perseverance? Is it a necessity to proliferate the musings of tired fathoming? From living the true massacre of will and wonder to the atrophy of tactile companionship, all resistance is but a passive return to wonder.

yes, autonomy is indifference to problematic thinking that leads perishable life. Corporate ideals, fractal messages, torn paper souls and unrest for the fit and drab. All systemic thinking favors reasoning through a superficial voice box that will be brought down by todays’ young and rebellious. Forget the carrot soup.


dream of something other than..

the mound of the world is a crippling vanish point from which the dream of something other than love comes. You visit a bar, you think “something other than love today”. But oh, well if love is a dream too, then thoughts about future arise from a kindred fellowship with supernaturalism.

its just, the dream of self tends to honor what might comfort more than an appearance in a thought. If you venture on this dream of something other than love, you still cripple the essence of the being…which is an idea.

existence in faith

When we say that humanity is experiencing itself, we argue that to suggest is to stimulate. Existence stimulates thought into being provincial to attractive recipients. Humans are the aenima of interpretation. We collectively cannot decide each other but, then again, that doesn’t make us into exact formulas for self disclosure.

Humanity can survive by fruitful interaction and stay loyal to values. While on this journey, some may see what others do not. The fact is that all one has to do in believing the absence of a viewpoint is create the unwritten words and be naked. Nakedness is ones own gateway to fruitful yoga. And yoga itself is the bringing in of love and harmony. Government does not want this. Such popular policies and procedures neglect the thought of personal improvement that would otherwise be seen as un-American for its own variants.

But what of our notion of love and unity? I do not discount something because it does not seem to fit universal order but I invoke others to challenge the set of physical laws that deepen the soul’s interest. Isn’t it deepened interaction that allows the soul to expand? Think of emotion and just how it resonates or does not resonate. Isn’t it then personal to consider? I think the ways we give out, we abandon fear and take responsibility for the growth of a species.

Living things chart territory beyond ways that any prediction can offer. If one considers a religion like Christianity to be of help, one might offer a beautiful construct of nakedness on its own. For then the words that spoke to that being provided the adjustment of understanding. Archetypes of the mind are indeed most clear when without the feeling of nakedness.

that gives more truth to no fear. Active yoga teaches compassion upon living souls. Any contradiction is even a form of yoga. Striving toward a brighter day is achieved through emotion and belief. Those that see they are connected to an infinite dream occur to be the beauty of the poetry craze. Peace has been tangible and the intangible expressions give consciousness the filling creation of movement.

as you walk this path, imagine yourself as connected to it all. Then feel as the stimulation of connectedness brings feeling of an eternal love. It may seem as though its not real. As complex as humN nature is, we will most certainly create the dream as we dance that dance of progress. It’s your own spirit being lifted. It’s your own tangents being fluid. Resist the docile and be open.

if you think you have a purpose, you’re right.

someone shouted

We run like the oceans before us would teach us about ourselves. We’re alone but ready to learn. Is this why it has been the incentive to produce a child in front of the one queen herself? As we begin to lunge forward, the totality of reason sees us begging one question.

the corner of our eyes have been met with distrust in the individual things like possession and admonishment. The only substance in our cellar is a great rule.

custom silence

Manage to quarantine my stress level. Manage to overpower my belief in supernatural. You and only you surprise me. I think of no excuses to couple with your sense of self. Can the lying stop? Can the reasoning for tranquility be as stoic as an ice pick?

we forgot where we were when the atrophy of our nations began to feel ageless. There are no quandaries for the soil that has seen its thick blood. Here we tame the firmest sense of selfhood without understanding our attempt; which makes this good because so often its this feeling or that idea that comfortably resize. The pinnacle of his augmentation is to show that lasting righteousness is not on numbers. The first lesson of permeated eloquence is always subject to passive resistance on the visual field. And then when denounced, the crippling choice is of its own order.