lord witness

The hardest thing to do is grip that there is no hard thing. When you’re sitting inside a therapy session wondering where the space inside unveils freedom, you must jettison to that welcome of…Eventually finding it. And what was it? I don’t know about all your head problems but that isn’t the relaxed persona of me that I know.

But what is this what I know stuff? It’s really hard to write a blog with one hand as a cellphone writer. Now say to yourself, jeepers there is a knowing. Well, the most cryptic projection is the uncle to the unknowing. Forfeiture. But guess…its kind of one of those say anything because it puts the heavy mentalism away.

then, what is…away? Well away isn’t ‘brag about rights’ or ‘let go or tomorrow will never come’. Away is like being medicated and inattentive. And as I sit here I can feel this knowingness in a collective vibrant blur. There never at times would be a willingness. Do…separate. Even from those you’ve begun to know.

Even then, like when pain and unease seem to bring in more thought you might not like, as they stray further from the idea, just a couple things one might consider.

Is sense making it difficult to move through the motions? Is the idea of habit causing a shift in circular thinking?

Yes, its finally happened. And no more fooling around with images.

come as you are or be afraid of cataclysm.




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