razor bites into teeth. Skin of menial wonder. She’s got an edge on the disclosure of her hidden self. Who she chooses to be, all in the correct dysfunction the doctor told her to enslave. How does one get passed?  surely the continuum of lesser functions will be brought down from the shelf. Her book is one she can relate to.

sickness in its own discretion. Peril without reference to toward thinking. Just in the celebration of mass liberty through corresponding telepathy. This woman will dance in the light of self expression as she out wits the desires of compressed facets of previous context.

How have we given our effort to the mind of perseverance? Is it a necessity to proliferate the musings of tired fathoming? From living the true massacre of will and wonder to the atrophy of tactile companionship, all resistance is but a passive return to wonder.

yes, autonomy is indifference to problematic thinking that leads perishable life. Corporate ideals, fractal messages, torn paper souls and unrest for the fit and drab. All systemic thinking favors reasoning through a superficial voice box that will be brought down by todays’ young and rebellious. Forget the carrot soup.


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