simply in their terms, opening out of a channel of faith requires learning the passages of respectful inquiry. I have waited. I can wait. To be in peace with my troubles is the challenge that I’m doing but not without talking about it. I share in the psyche a communicative construct of amiable rites and preciousness. I accept that this is where I’ve come from and this is what I’ve seen.

the protruding perspective of God and love. Most of us either see the faith or talk as though we have control. Greeting you with swollen hands. I make gestures, they walk. I am human, I can only be.

something good can come from this. Ive seen what architecture does to the primacy of language. Ghosts fuel the economy of passages that again, nobody had witnessed before. I did it the way I would have.

Something seen is not something done. We’re ruled out by the factors of our sense, in essence we can take on a fragility of aspirant and tolerance. We are in essence and we’ve come to the point of cross combination focus. Demons got no birthright. Advancement in the opportunity is bringing safety home. Tolerance will walk until clarity arrives.

correct parallel of justice is realization of mute maximization. The first thing to learn is dehumanization. Effort is fruition.


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