Says the mouse

just is to sit. And however it was a credence of intentional spares, the mind changed and so the afternoon remained unquestionable. The mind retained and unbuttoned. This would be not a time for the estuary of macabre collectivism. Just to sit, take note of the hemispheres. It’s flowing, but not too fast.

Fast is the murmur of the aquarium. The seer of shaded scars. The fast click of every run down ultimatum. Allegiance to the recovered mortality. The thick pairing of documents. I will do my writing like this once, and then I would recover traditional as it may be. But as the mechanism of alteration goes, and sure that its much simpler a method of explanation for human, walking leaf, animal or mineral, I shall just Sit with feelings conveyed here.

the discourse of ideas is far better left to the throws of psychic jams and loving places; parallels where loving hearts share the dynamic experience some have told us to forget. And in. And out. A subtle rewriting of synaptic journey.

And see, I’ve already played on an unconventional order. Now, further from recognizable. Looming in the tangents of what may be healthy, the iteration of disposable essence conditions a good heart. We may be seeing far from our infant selves, coaxed to understand something which is less moderate than our contextual cosmos can relate to.  From the messiah side of things, correlations between this world and others is the ability to clarify strengths and weaknesses so that uniform predestinations are solemn in the hour glass of time.

Shapes of entanglement bring no unity.


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