Cucamonga Have you nots

Cruelty. Like all things alike in their prestige, floats to no greater hights, aligned by no things in remark for thrusting thrusts. Chew on the vernacular, by no means spectacular. Just a joy among few friends that have listened to the lather.

a vehicle for assumption, persuaded by the robotic kiss and whim. So smithy in their respect for the hour, complex sugar briskets and sharp tongue. Narrated by a voluminous sputter, not unlike that of Christ’s utterance.

So save us from this due holocaust, and welcome the romance of chemists in their oddity. So save us from due holocaust and welcome the music that has marked our ears for so…..long.

Mucus and Velcro, the parlance of rhyme. The mirror casts the same image that bustles with time.

passerbys just look toward a future with no rhyme. Fatal narcissists that cradle the death grip. Cruelty.

have you no sense of care? Cruelty, your arms are very bare. Caustic call, save them from the torment.

and do anything but protect lives from evil distraction.


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