grown for awhile

I’ve been maintaining this blog through my phone. Every bit of substance I can pull from the blog is good because im a passionate writer but also create philosophy axioms. Its in my nature to preserve the conscious ventilation needed to increase the thought shared here.

What is it that brings me here? Up and more up. By the way, engines could never talk. Or could they? Eve of your day.

now I’m write about the candid expression due to familiar words, but I am not sure about the victory of it all. Some days I wonder, what can there be? Invocation of other worlds, eh. Then again, there have been other worlds and I’ve been to them. But if you’ll just watch my things a minute, I’ll explain myself.

there came a moment in trashing history that I was very irate and rational. I spoke with the withdrawn pessimist and shared my extensive belief on the pairing of structure with regression. I feel that structure keeps limitation and to overthrow this pairing we need to find out about its consummation of radicals. That isn’t my responsibility, that could never be. That isn’t my responsibility, it could never be.


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