no more names for that purpose

here in this space

I hear nothing new

I reconcile no few

the plundering of my escapes will leave the open scapes

orbiting around the vacation of a hidden message

assumptions about God, whose name doesn’t need to be spelled god.

and I’m thinking the Astro sphere will push over

any disturbance in the vein of the silent and sober

a muse if you’d like

a conscious plight

the spun out rays which abandon the discord for fact

the army that can’t reach back

someone made it known

halves of you were almost alone.

giver and taker

seldom machinist.

rules out the desire for pedestrian mountain-hood

fallen cries into our vast interstellar tear cup

shake good ground for love and loyalty

everyone’s a leader and feels something deep with struggle and familiarity.

orphanage lingers in the background throwing off the news and proper speach

yeah, that’s Cnn thing, here’s how to speak around your family and friends.

social levitation brutalized your whistle blowing routine

now you just sit in captivity with blood draw and shark saw

probable moving picture

hides your eyes

replica of shattered lives

reuse these matted scoffs as handshakes

no more names for that purpose

disaster would only hold so much

what would make for a perfect day?

no more names, c’mon. No more names for that.


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