new face

The way out will be through burden. Time slips away, a fresh candle. Poetry diminish. Song for no apology. Can’t quit. Love’s got it right. The angles of this missing piece, I can look it over a thousand times in memory. So critical. Like lost hummingbird. Overjoyed, false set of teeth.
Bad resurrection. Pulse of communion. Take me seriously please. These are things I must discover. At the bottom of a fresh pond. A probability.
Who says let it go, without uttering my defense for the parameters of being riddled by…few shakes, so true.
Guess embracing it and then turning away.
I have the right to choose how to deal with child.
The excuse is mild.
Poured from a thick cup, so bold.
Crystal encryption, melted sorrow.
Am I insane? Did I go insane?
I wont let you answer that, I need to carry this burden.
Strikes me again, aging.
Leave it alone.
Or it wont age at all. New face, new you.


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