kind of heart

Ventriloquist dreamer, come forth. Espouse renunciation from your cordial commons. Throw a hammer to the left side of our gazing. It is that anchor which functionally throws figments of children along the puncture wounds.
Never to be known as your or what have you. Misogyny known as crippled as sore plaster. Vacant heart, make me your memory. The cooling at last breathes the moon. Was sacred at first. Litter of mine. That was self-esteem I felt was lacking. Now I am so cruel.
Asteroids appeal to mountain men of this age. The vehicle does no woman a fitting closure.

Can you buy five things and make them dance? It may hurt if you did. Scolding hot water turns waste into fire breathing iconoclastic and tenancy. Kiss with lipstick causes funny jar to open up and demonstrate. 4 classes of things burgundy and hoarse. Fixed on a sitting plate.


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