Here’s To Aup.

Aup. You’re gonna make it. I should warn you though, your test levels have been short of conclusive effects to produce any found lucidity. You were born a vacant passerby, though you should also know we all were. Take this and feel better. In spirit, you will feel comforted that those around you who are given light to the impetus of quick reveal will live peacefully within your knowledge of life. Perhaps this dream isn’t so bad after all. With the psychological performance of any testosterone example, a primate in a modern skin may find the costumes to be primarily assumed featureless. All this means is the stair is for men and programmers.
We have given the house of names a face of assuredness assuming we were content to prevent the covenant astronomy a victory glance at laces and buttons. The ink in the pen is your talking face. You hold this every hour. Stop to be sure you can face it. Be content knowing the river glides every child system into a free thinking corridor. Child, face the mirror. Be astronomical. Feel the words push you. Later, let the content wash you. The sea remarked every destined point of considerable memory within child. Quick words could capture the open. In spite of a memory, the instrumental service can feed templates of giddy looking glass as to the portion of aup. Don’t be slow. Calm them.
Tell them to rip apart the flowers of offenses and taste the ears of music. You shall find resolution there. Do good now.
I’ve given you the clearing. The hillside is for your raft to explore the gestures of many a folk who will politely tell of their mystery.
It’s not too breathless. Though chart making could do little to vamp the courage of due encouragement. Man is in each reality.
Begin to sense that.

You did not talk back. Could you please hand me the awful makeup? Terse flicker really feels like a singer in dead flesh.



Obviously none of it kicked up the ghost image. But you really needn’t fasten the waste too soon. The girl you were after did not mark you with deadly desire. You did that. Now come, who? As example of what we really mean, the rest is for us to really test. At this point, messages will guide….not a whisper but a soft….we came at a time when it was appropriate. The figures will live on.

It’s the dream that really matters. Who cares if it’s bad. Those were all features of a muddy oblivion. The man at the back is not a lone water pump.
He needs your support.

We will get back to you when these purposes resolve.


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