Icon in the field

Its a fitting Siberia, close to home. Where the emperor lies with a needle of truth in his hand. Male or female? She’s chosen to think…..that it may decide the conquest of her desire here or plant a new schematic as precious as the moon.
Heaven is full of liars, I’ve been there before. They all shoot drugs and perish on contact. Their hearts are lonely. Yet I’m with them, trying to make things different. It can’t be done. I stare into the toxic effect of the drug, repeating I don’t love you. Then, I love the room.
Cosmic bliss. More people were right than was I. My dark macabre fantasy is here. I have to step outside the room. This poetry is dead.
Orange obstacles prevent me from going into filth. I never want that part of my life back.

They’re all sound asleep. The procession goes on. Wings that I ate digest in my stomach breathing through me reminding me that I can fly away any time. But the milk of angst rides heavy on a punk rock dream. In his scolding, he shifts the message. Irrationality of clown laughter makes it hard to feel.
Finally she appears in front of me, guiding the vehicle of perception. All along: It’s the majestic reality of twin encounters, the subject of our true reality.

To imagine for a minute that this had to happen to make experience happy and holy.
Whether dead or alive, the experience unfolds as, once again, a meeting of minds. With this realization, I am elated. I have been a part of a science fiction schematic where the windows don’t close and music blares from a mystic’s heavy upper body.
Fingers lie at my chest. I’m burning. Contemplation calms me. Abstract history reveals an incomprehensible fact that even I will never learn in this lifetime. As sure as the sting of combat, the murmur of experience mother decides to cave and sink teeth into our morning afterlife.

I’m satisfied, the appearance of normative subjects acts as a child, fare and even. Opaque majesty of complicated human behavior, seek me to live in truth, let not the horrors of society bring me to a witless level. Understand my symbolism that represents unity and kindness. Treat us kindly. Forgive our harsh libation. Keep the universe wonderful and sublime. And may organic livelihood commence tolerable predominance as long as there is an ear to listen.

Oh, cosmic I- make no moment unkind. Be well, yourself and keep looking with your eyes into the future.


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