capsized function

A capsized function wont let go of itself for the very reason that the gestures in the room are noxious. I realized pretty quick that due phasing is abundant for the sake of middle way seasoning. No longer do I need paper for lists while I can just use my phone. This perhaps accounts for the structure involved in inviting protagonists in that have gone missing.
The very interest in humiliation as the joints for demarcation, throat slips away.
Their faces get obedient with each revelation as the hurry goes.
Intended to frustrate. By our fact, the remedy may be the want of a glue fixed summarization.


kind of heart

Ventriloquist dreamer, come forth. Espouse renunciation from your cordial commons. Throw a hammer to the left side of our gazing. It is that anchor which functionally throws figments of children along the puncture wounds.
Never to be known as your or what have you. Misogyny known as crippled as sore plaster. Vacant heart, make me your memory. The cooling at last breathes the moon. Was sacred at first. Litter of mine. That was self-esteem I felt was lacking. Now I am so cruel.
Asteroids appeal to mountain men of this age. The vehicle does no woman a fitting closure.

Can you buy five things and make them dance? It may hurt if you did. Scolding hot water turns waste into fire breathing iconoclastic and tenancy. Kiss with lipstick causes funny jar to open up and demonstrate. 4 classes of things burgundy and hoarse. Fixed on a sitting plate.

umcommon thought

So thus the whole world buries itself in the notion of there being a form of a world. As long as the fixation on the tenancy in universalism suggests the care of living beings, the idea is to shut down the confrontational undertow of “our own mayhem”. Individuality may take the lead in skin surface but the loathing of loss is not needed to represent the alternative reputations.
It’s the gravitation toward experience that creates the fertility of productive sequences. Is it a dream or is reality merely a projection?

suspended make up

All tentative babies are predisposed to fly guilty on the shabby wings of parents.  the cotton tv mouth is receptive to no organism faintly interested in urging the usage of baby receptors to their ion.  its been a rough draft and then a harsh week.  i have found all reason to believe that when the success current of a family lodges itself in maturity, urinary dispense of chemical waste load begins to upset the formulations of toxins and genetic code.  its been the harshest program of configuring the sense into the sense world.  all of these shamans are dancing while i’m breathing.  living on a thin layer of obsession without compulsion.

Perhaps commercial offshoots of this 21st century life are corresponding with the past in minimalist ways i don’t know yet.  The organism from the antennae sinks in and doubles the right passage to the operation.  Beyond the past, living biology cannot estimate life except for its uni-lateral art-fare which is a catacomb of rehearsal space and kindled fingers in a cereal box waiting to be left dead.  This notion that we will impregnate the undesirable by fitting our shoelaces into the sockets (as if to destroy the self confidence of the perpetrator) is a bullshit scenario taken from a horse’s tiff.  While self confidence and approval have always been relevant, the toxic feeders of destruction in the network of tv life have always put material before the one chosen and only path there is- Love.

Perhaps the seriousness of an immaculate drowning pool has not yet chosen the loved ones to be fired into the love fest of evermore.  The resonance of immortalized slogans and catch phrases pounded into cerebral oxymoronic morale of a conscience is decidedly to fill the nuance of selfish linguistics.  So, will the wind carry this way or will it go limp?