have you settled on a name yet?

I feel I’ve settled on the doldrums of life unseen from the perspective of collectives, but everything far away makes me think there is emotionless time for redevelopment. It doesn’t surprise me that this chaos is hard to drink. I am constantly living my life in the expectant sense which is faulty enough.
. Ive seen some real true happenings emerge from the dust. People opt out too quick. For the stroke of happenstance, it appears too quick, then it’s gone. I don’t want it to be like that while I have a chance.
This disappearance of the moment is because of fragility which doesn’t descend too often because of god. In the wake of experiencing traumatic injury in mind and body, it would clear the air to help myself revive everyday.
These intuitions never seem faint. And I’m not complaining. I just have taken to know that the meaning in our effort as people is to ground, govern and ignite truth. This would not be different had a cosmic moon pulsation come to annoy our Earthly mind.
However, the fairness of human conscience is said to have been learned from voices which avail in all of us. We have a voice and we think by voice. I, at odd times, collect my demons from a branch of justice which should cure me of all sickness.
It is in us…reminder, instruction, contemplation..things fall apart by “design”. That’s why we have corruptive governments, corrosive thoughts, unexpected failure, broken toys,etc. Every molecule of relational beingness could depend on the study and volition of real genetic forms.

The work was put into continuing the gap between the marginalized being and the secular self. So far, what is redundant about triumphs with new standards is that the psychiatric output misses the relativity of existence in relation to life-force and substance.
And then the idea persists that variables will change. And there presently are various mutations of life alteration but those structures cannot produce the reality that function of handling can enhance or aid.

So I guess in all of this….life continues. And I see that a part of me feels like its radically different from being stuck in the mentality of fear.


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