Intuitive Insight: Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Intuitive Insight: Buddhadasa Bhikkhu.

One will never attain self-actualization in just rational thinking. It is true that the more malleable we are to function and our own longitude and latitude, the more fierce and digressive we are when it is openness. One’s own progressive strategy is un-important. The rest is study.
Self-study and world-study. Those with a voice can be seen to find the aphorisms of truth and peace.
I remember documenting this very subject when I was attempting to look for a progressive harmony between the valid and the mind itself.
People usually talk about mind and when they do it usually centers around figurative talk; because we generally talk about key elements of experience and when we do, there is a missing piece which is the Apprehension of mind and the body goes with it.
There for, universal meaning is squandered by the apprehensive idealism un-assumed by the mutative self-study.


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