ideas that float on water

Some fundamentalism is obscene,
Some is drunk
And other close Canterbury walks are hard to reach.
But the time slips by without neon aching men going about the day under a spell of arrogance and fervor.
The glances of iconic figures in white dresses
Makes Shakespeare an advancing lot for the quick and poignant fashion.
Mural after mural is deafened by white noise and common sense
“do we have to go to that party again after last year’s mistake?”
You haven’t turned the stone,

You haven’t turned the stone
Until you’ve seen a goblin
And when they stare at you, they’re really making eye contact with every ‘must-unlearn’ passion you’ve ever had.
To go into daytime fixation is to cognize the portrait of breathless jury that doesn’t want the same mix of fruit.
The unity of end and end is the result of two forces.
For the poet, nothing makes sense.
The incantation of erect mercilessness is found under a stone.

Pick it up.
Keep it.


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