in support of the real world as simply ‘world’

In light of the affirmative complaint that penetrative subjects lose their cool after two beers, I have given everything to higher power. I rest at higher power. I appropriate myself around no more mixed minds and dark seclusion.
This is tolerance.

I have recently addressed (as I am doing now) my intolerance for drugs. I understand that, and it has been met with criticism from some (in their quasi- confrontational method of modesty) and sympathy from others. My choice to abstain from drugs is at the heart of my reality which offers more than a confused lifestyle could…
In the presence of the world, I commit desperation to the god of death. I surrender all my peak frustration and bottled energy to the wealth of life.
Joy shouldn’t be a prospect.
It’s a feeling that frees the void and provides sanctuary. If we were all free of attachment, the joy would be abundant.


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