This is hidden,
This is obscure,
An emergence of language seems to work into a thesis with study,
The virtues of life seem to move passionately about the course of their imagining
But don’t be fooled by the imagining, it temporarily had its root in the integrated respects.
The fruit of respected living lifts the veil of ignorance,
But you cannot know respected living when it is not seen for the quality of being advantageous for those who can see the encounter of this or that benefit.
Bondage supports loneliness,
Time is something vacant,
Mirrors remain glanced through with migration
The imminence is a constructed womb from the last appearance

It remains like a play on encounter
Through vitality which is found in the unfixed
We can talk as if pondering our swells from the depths of our cognizance
A jury of our peers wont surprise the locality of words understood
Yet, we talk as if it were boredom talking,
The spokesperson is ourselves.


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