contemplation to degrees

(This formulation is a new working of styles. It carved itself out of a stressful physical nature.

This one I give you is chosen as an edit of tangents that must assimilate in advance but they don’t. The word ‘everything’, for example, couldn’t exist. So I thought of a particular way to capture everything while defining a subject in its origin. There’s more of that similar work going on but this written matter went through an optimistic process as it is.)

Perhaps You Knew

Looking up….prepare for adjustment. This time like a child in the monumental snow cake of harmony. Individual choices I’ve fabricated. The countering of chance related. Documented burning of incidents fast elated.
We take to these congruencies to their grave, so that if often I’ve loved you, I would never say that I couldn’t help.
Looking up…looks good from here
We’re on the skyline. And we’re wearing eyeliner. Looks like we’ll be singing in privacy. Oh, the ocean glanced back.
So many indifferences without slight of hand.

My cookies are crumbling. The fresh guise of semesters of tranquility (would be) aren’t so nice. Monetarily, I’ve seen you in the awful capture craze, hindered by throat fastenings and what we could become.
So those are what we could become. Each day, spinning out of matter…into tasteless immaculate.
Your findings are variables to my relief.
Vertebrate and all, commissary to the pressure taxation.
Did it in and now where does that story go?
In some place.
In some time.
But not here.


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