Expressing God

Anyone may assume that reading about God is demonstrative to the law of being yourself. Yes, it doesn’t always feel good to be ourselves. That is the main reason why we humans possess the capability of vocal thought-speak.
God may have lived for several millenniums or only just comprehended humanity with one hour of neuron firing, plant gathering, humane acts of kindness and industry.
If no one but God saw that, maybe we’ve never seen it. But where is God in all this? Is it in my phone that he sleeps? Is it a bus ride home that presents an opportunity to catch up with a friend?
What is the big mystery?

What happened to all those intelligent ideas of a colossal power of love and beauty? Where, presently, are the signs of the genie of imagination?
The imagination is a wonderful template for creating an energetic being who can even comfort and console in the mystery of existence.
Everyday its incredible that the absence of this god continues to expand in absence for awhile, making our egos in touch with fascinating everyday things and events. It makes you wonder, does experience qualify as shoveling in an amount of this mystic materialist?

Few things have been successful at expressing the dance of the holy. I would like to present an example of a thing which has (over and over again) remained stuck in that appearance of transcendental confusion, musically exploring our shadow selves and tasting the unseen, uncomfortable passages through life.

Tool are instrumental in creating hallucinations of god or depicting the humorous activity of sainthood by reincarnated visions and audio. Coupled with awe inspiring musical transition and deeply moving lyric, Tool have been outspoken about the inward experience.

Who can express god anymore? Apparently, it seems to be that a life long journey to find god is substituted with a life long journey to find out about how little we know of each others presence in relation to communicative unity.

The reason I study god and God is so that each person reading this will have an exact amount of early warning signs that expressing something as pathological as God is tearing down the veil of real human experience.

But there are ways to feel emotionally resolute near the passage of water and honey.

Conclusively, I would like to add that becoming Christ like or obedient is a flaw of humanity and does not do anything except keep one individual in the resurgence of history, ad nauseam.


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